Through writing this blog I haven’t really learned anything new about myself, I’ve only reconfirmed what I already thought. I’m independent, and I have a bright future ahead of me. I have a lot of dreams I want to fulfill, and the best is yet to come. My favorite post was probably the “Where I’m From” poem, because it made me realized what I pleasant childhood I’ve always had.


Remembering the Child

Me: mom, I need you to tell me what I was like as a child. All the details you can’t remember.

Mom: well you were tiny and dainty and had lots of bouncy curls and big dimples. You always insisted on dressing yourself and when you did you looked like a little homeless child, but you pulled it off well. You always wore your red shoes but they were on the wrong feet.

Me: what did I like to do? What were my favorite shows?

Mom: you loved to play outside and ride your red tricycle with your brother. You always tried to get him in trouble too. There was even one time you threw your sippy cup at him and gave him a black eye, but you two were best friends. You loved watching the morning cartoons like Clifford, Arthur, and Dragon Land.

Me: how would you describe me overall?

Mom: overall you were a happy, carefree little girl, you were very independent, and obviously still are, and you loved doing things your way. Your catch phrase was even “I do it myself!!”, which pretty much summed you up.

One Medium Suitcase

If I had to leave in a haste and could only take one suitcase, I would include the following items:

My scrapbook my mother made of my entire childhood- something to look back on that my mother worked hard on.

Some of my favorite clothes- they’re a necessity so why not take your favorites?

The photographs on my wall- the most important ones are on display so of course they’d go with me.

I would also take my iPod with all my favorite music. The most important jewelry like my ring and charm bracelet from Jesse, and all the important stuff that has meaning. And of course I would take my cat, but I wouldn’t put her in the suitcase cause that would be inhumane and she wouldn’t fit. But she would definitely be coming with me.

Memorable Event

By far the most memorable event for me would be this past New Years. I spent it with my friend Molly. We went and saw The Avett Brothers in concert and they were FABULOUS. It was by far one of the best concerts I’ve been to! What was really amazing also, was right at midnight, tons of confetti dropped along with huge gold balloons. The brothers and the rest of the band sang Auld Lang Syne and it was just magical! So many happy people in one place to start off the new year was truly heart warming. It was perfect!

Dream Car

Honestly, I think I already own my dream car. I have a 2005 Legend Lime Green Mustang. It has black leather interior and a beautiful sparkly green paint job. It has no dents, scratches, or chips (thank God). It’s fast, but not very fast. It has a really nice stereo too, so it’s basically all I need in a car. I got it for my 16th birthday, and honestly I didn’t think it was going to happen. I test drove it and everything, but my dad said it was too expensive. Then as my birthday got closer, my parents suggested we go look at it ONE more time just because. When we got to the dealership, it was gone, and I was crushed. My dad said “someone must have bought it…it’s not here anymore”. I began to accept that maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. But then, I walked around the corner and there it was! I turned around, and my parents were holding the keys. I was so excited! It was finally mine! Everyone says it fits my personality to the tee, and I agree. I love my car and I would be crushed if I ever had to get rid of it.

Let Me Introduce Myself

Some things people that know me best know about me:

  1. I love art. It’s always been my thing. I take an art class anytime I have the opportunity; including over summer vacation. Painting used to be my favorite, specifically watercolor, but recently I’ve really been into mixed media sculpture. Art is my one way of expressing my emotions and having fun while doing it. I don’t know where I’d be without it!
  2.  I don’t let anybody hold me back or discourage me. No matter what, I want to grow up and be happy and satisfied with where I end up. So, in order to do that, I plan on following my dreams and not anybody else’s. I can’t wait to see where life takes me.
  3. I love to laugh! I’m always laughing with whoever I’m around. My dad and I are especially notorious for never being serious; but I think that’s a good thing in life, to not be too serious. My friend Molly even makes fun of me for having a “laughing face”.

 If you want to know more about me, just read my “about.me” below!

Futures: Fantasy & Fact

Ten years from now I can see myself as a graduate of Appalachian State University. I see myself as being an anesthesiologist and making lots of money by putting people to sleep. I want to be living in a big house of my dreams with a cat and an art studio. I really would like to be away from this small town that I’ve grown up in. I hope I’m able to travel on the regular, and I hope I’m able to take spontaneous trips to anywhere I want. Maybe I’ll be married, maybe I’ll be engaged, but who knows. I would like to settle down, but I’m also very okay with not having kids and just doing my thing and exploring the world.

 If I were to continue on the path I’m on, I probably would still be living at home relying on my parents ten years from now. They would feed my cat for me, put gas in my car, take me to dinner on the weekends, and make sure everything I needed was taken care of. I would still be working my evenings away at Bi-Lo, and I would come home to my blue and green room, and my old fat cat. I would still be saving my minimum-wage paychecks so I could go on a big adventure by myself someday. I would hang out with my best friend Molly, and I would go to church on Sundays with my boyfriend Jesse. I would be dreaming and fantasizing about the life I described above.

 So, in order for me to achieve my dream life, and to get away from my current life (which isn’t bad at all), I’m going to have to do a lot of growing up. I’m going to have to graduate high school and leave my parents, my cat, my Bi-Lo job, and my blue and green bedroom. I’ll have to start doing everything myself, which can be scary, but also fun. I’ll have to step out of my comfort zone and leave my comfortable life at home behind. While I’ll miss it, I’m still excited for my future.

Who am I?

A daughter: Keith and Tina are my parents, and I guess I got lucky cause they’re two pretty great people. My dad always says he’s “the coolest dad ever” which is true, but I joke with him and tell him every time he says that, he gets less cool. My mom is sweet and without her I’d probably be wearing dirty clothes and starving to death; actually, I know I would. She does more than my laundry though, she also plays the role as my therapist and I can always count on her to tell me “it’s okay, it’s just a job!” and “it’s okay, its only high school!”, which is true. My friends say she’s a bubbly, funny person, which I can see. I can also see myself resembling her every day, which is scary. My dad is a really big guy and he can really intimidate a teenage boy just by looking at them. But he’s got a really kind heart. He’s hilarious; he and I often get into battles on who can make the funniest joke, which ends in us laughing till we cry. He really takes care of me and treats me like a princess, and I’m dreading leaving it all behind when I go to college.A girlfriend: Jesse and I have been together for two years, and I’ve loved every second of it. We first met in the seventh grade and I knew as soon as I laid eyes on him, there was something special about him. But it took all the way till sophomore year for him to ask me out, and naturally I said yes. We were so smitten by each other though, we didn’t talk for the first two months of our relationship. Now we’re best friends, and we have SO much fun together. He really is the greatest, and he’s so good to me.  

A friend: I have only a few friends but they’re really great; it’s quality over quantity anyways. My one friend Molly and I do everything together. We’re planning to go to an Avett Brothers concert on New Year’s Eve and we’re both so excited. We’ve been friends for as long as I can remember, and it’s safe to say our friendship has outlasted all the others. We laugh constantly and pass notes in classes we hate making fun of our sorry situation; typical girl junk.

A sister: I have an older brother named Jacob, which I like to call him, but most people just call him Jake. We were best friends when we were little and could play together all day long and never get bored. But then we went through a phase when he got to high school where we seemed really distant from each other, and it really bothered me. He grew up and got his license and I could go days at a time without even speaking to him. I think it also really annoyed me that people always knew me as “Jake Aaron’s sister”; he’s really not that great people. But then he went off to college and we’re back to being best friends. We talk nearly every day and I LOVE being able to text him and ask him what to do with my life; it’s awesome that he’s been through all this before me. I really miss him actually, but I’m excited that ill hopefully be up at App with him soon.

A niece: I have a lot of really great uncles and aunts, but I really love my uncles. They’re really protective of me and they’re all really hilarious. One of my uncles, Chet, can make me laugh until I cry, he’s so sweet, and he always gives me the best hugs. He secretly says I’m favorite niece, and I say he’s my favorite uncle (wink wink). Another uncle of mine, Charlie, spoils the heck out of me and my cousin Margaret, and he always says exactly what everyone else is thinking; he can be brutally honest but that’s a good trait to have I think.

A cashier: Even though I hate it, I work at the Bi-Lo right up the street from my house; scanning groceries for 12-18 hours out of my week. I get easily aggravated by a lot of the people that come through my line, but it’s teaching me to be patient I think. Sometimes really creepy old men come through my line and hit on me, and it makes me want to quit my job on the spot. But occasionally a really nice, down to earth person comes and asks me about myself; where I go to school, if I play sports, and what I want to be when I grow up. It makes me feel better because it reminds me that I’m not going to be there forever and I actually do have a really bright future ahead of me. They usually end our conversation by telling me to never give up, and by wishing me luck in college.

My boyfriend Jesse My brother Jake. Molly and Me!

Extraordinary Pet

 The most amazing animal on the planet by far is my cat Muffin. She’s a huge fat, calico cat, with bright green eyes. She’s at least 15 years old, and even though her coat is graying, she’s still beautiful. She weighs at least twenty pounds and she rolls around everywhere she goes. She’s so fat in fact, that when she starts running and her fat gets going in one direction, she has a hard time stopping. She lies on the kitchen rug, rolls around, and stretches every morning; we say she’s doing “kitty yoga”. She sleeps on the foot of my bed all day and all night, and loves to lie in any beam of sun she can find. She has full blown conversations with us I swear; she always meows just at the right time when we ask her a question. She has no front claws, so when she gets mad and swats at you, it’s like getting hit with a pillow. She’s just a big ball of fat and fluff, and she’s impossible to resist snuggling with. You can’t resist wanting to squish her when she looks at you with her pretty green eyes.


Family Influence

One moment that I can remember having an impact on me was shared with my uncle Charlie. He’s an old, simple man, but he’ll surprise you by how knowledgeable he can be. One day he told me and my cousin Margaret “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. What he meant was, don’t put all your hope, effort and happiness, all your time and strength into one thing, because if you lose that one thing, then you’re left with nothing. I think that is a very smart quote to live by, because you have to have a back-up for everything, and you have to live your life and not put all your blood, sweat, and tears into one thing. My relationship with my uncle Charlie has always been a good one, and I think it’ll probably remain that way. He’s always there for me and spoils me whenever he can. He’s a very sweet man and genuinely loves with all his heart.